Hello!  My name is Madison Brass. I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. My love for herptiles stemmed from a singular American Toad I found while trying to catch butterflies in a big wildflower field near my home when I was around 3 years old. I have loved and owned amphibians ever since! From that one toad I now own 9 different species of frogs, 25 frogs in total, 5 Geckos, 1 Chuckwalla, 1 Uromastyx, 1 Veiled Chameleon, 20 enclosures, and a room dedicated to it all. Alongside hundreds of other species I have volunteered with, worked with, or studied. Through years of research, personal experience, and experts’ advice; I have accumulated my knowledge to share with new and experienced amphibian owners.

In 2021 I graduated at the top of my high school class and began attending the University of Central Florida in August of that year. I am currently a junior Biology student involved in undergraduate research and the president of the UCF Pre-Veterinary Society. I will be applying this upcoming cycle for veterinary school! I am to attend the University of Florida to receive my DVM and then continue my education to become a board certified exotic veterinarian focusing on reptiles and amphibians.

Hopp’in Help began as an Instagram page full of pictures of my animals and a blog talking about my experiences in 2014 when I was 11 years old. I knew I wanted to do something revolving around helping animals but I was unsure where to begin, since I was after all in 6th grade. In November of that year the website was launched. Entering 2015, the Instagram had only 200 followers, and the website contained just 4 frog species care sheets.

In February of 2016, Hopp’in Help’s instagram hit 1,000 followers. The first YouTube video was posted on August 10th, 2016. What makes Hopp’in Help’s care sheets and tutorials special is that each one is created with years of research and experience. Each and everything that is presented on Hopp’in Help is a reflection of my own personal work to provide the best and most accurate, up to date care and advice.

In October of 2017, the YouTube channel hit 1,000 subscribers. By August 20th, 2019 3,000 frog lovers had subscribed to the channel and our most viewed video at the time was titled “January Frog Room Tour 2017” with over 40,000 views. Not only do we share how to care for herptiles but how to preserve wild amphibians’ homes and cute videos showing how these creatures are not creepy like how society has deemed them to be! There is truly something for everyone and just by you watching our videos, you enabled Hopp’in Help to begin rescuing animals!

While 2020 has certainly been full of surprises for us all, Hopp’in Help experienced some amazing milestones. We became an official LLC in the state of Ohio and saved our first 5 rescues. Our Instagram had grown to nearly 3,000 followers and Youtube ahead with 4,000 subs with our most view video, “How to Care for Whites Tree Frogs” with 54,000 views. However, late January a new platform was brought to my attention. On January 20th, 2020 I posted Hopp’in Help’s first Tik Tok. My reptiles and amphibians exploded into internet sensations. By July, 2020, our Tik Tok page has over 100,000 followers, and 3.7 million likes. Our most viewed video of 2020 sat at 2.4 million views, and our second most with 1.8 million views.

The love continued into 2021 & 2022. Thanks to the overwhelming support our rescues have made full recoveries, our protected American Toad Garden is booming, a year long study is being preformed to help American Toads across North America, and our care sheets are stretching to more herptile owners thank ever before. Our Tik Tok nearly doubles with over 200,000 amazing supporters by the end of 2021, and sitting at over 1/4 million by the end of 2022.

And In 2023 Hopp’in Help continues to reach for the stars. I truly never imagined Hopp’in Help to have such a following and impact on the frog community. Thank you all who has supported us, smiled at my frogs, learned from our care sheets, and enjoyed watching our videos. Your love fuels me to continue helping the wild and pet amphibian and reptile communities. Thank you all so much for making this possible!