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For emergencies, please contact your local exotic vet.

Common Questions

My Frog won’t eat!

It may not be your frog or what you are feeding but how you’re feeding them! This video explains three different methods for feeding your frog.

Frog, Toad, or Tree Frog?

This video is for you! It explains the basics of frog classification along with Amphibian taxonomic classification!

I want to add live plants to my enclosures like you!

Live plants are a wonderful addition to your amphibian’s enclosure! However, harmful fertilizers and pesticides lay within most greenhouse raised plants. Watch this video to learn how to make these plants safe!

Something is really wrong with my frog! Please Help!

Does it look like your frog is passing something pink? This is most likely anal prolapse that can be helped and ‘cured’ if action is taken quickly! Please watch the video below for instructions!