Bombina orientalis

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Fire Bellied Toads were my very first exotic pet. I adopted 4 frogs in 2008 and can proudly say two of the original bunch are with me today! They are truly one of the most expressive and charismatic species of amphibians I have ever worked with. While also being very easy to care for. They are diurnal and extremely social making them amazing pets!


LIFE SPAN: 12-15 years

ACTIVITY: Unlike most amphibians, Fire Bellied Toads are diurnal. Meaning they are active during the day. You will find them soaking, basking, hunting, and calling for mates from dawn to dusk. Fire Bellied Toads are also highly social and should always be kept in pairs.

ENCLOSURE: Fire Bellied Toads are semiaquatic so their enclosure needs to be too! A paludarium or a terrestrial tank that incorporates aquatic features is ideal. Focusing on the aquatic piece, large river rocks or slate stone slabs make a perfect substrate. If you are looking to keep live plants, placing a level of aquarium stratum and then the rocks of choice. I personally suggest Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum. This promotes plant health and growth and will be passed by the frog if accidentally ingested. Dwarf Hairgrass, Java Moss, and Sagrittaria Subulata are perfect choices for fully submerged plants. Fire Bellied Toads spend most of their time in the water and need places to rest from swimming. Rocks, aquarium decor, and live plants the rest just below or above the surface are perfect areas for your Fire Bellies to rest. A type of filtration is required to keep the water moving (waterfall, fountain, etc.) I personally use the TetraFauna Decorative Reptofilter. I have had this product for years and it works great and it is very quiet! Rinse filters monthly and replace completely every 6 months. If you are using tap water for your enclosure, water conditioner must be used. This removes harmful chemicals and makes the water safe for your amphibian. Directions vary so be sure to read the label before using. Focusing on the land portion, coconut fiber substrate, or a natural soil substrate is best for the bedding. Live plants may also be incorporated. Parlor Palms have always done best with my Fire Bellied Toads. The land portion will also need to have areas for your frogs to hide. Logs, hides, aquarium decor, and driftwood all make excellent hiding places.

SIZE OF ENCLOSURE: A duo of Fire Bellied Toads should have at least a 10-gallon tank, 20 x 11 x 13 inches, 50.8 x 27.94 x 33.02 cm. With more frogs, the tank should be wider rather than longer. I have 10 Fire Bellied Toads in a 40-gallon breeder.

HUMIDITY: 60-80%

WATER TEMPERATURE: 70-75 degrees F (21-24 C) A heat source is typically not needed for Fire Bellied Toads because they thrive at room temperature. However, keep a thermostat within the tank to ensure proper water temperature.

TEMPERATURE: Daytime temperatures of 70-75 degrees F (21-24 C) are ideal. This species is tolerant to a large range of temperatures but the temperature should never exceed 80 degrees F (27 C). A basking light is not needed. Fire Bellied Toads thrive at room temperature and are a cold-resistant species.

Nighttime temperatures should never drop below 60 degrees F (15 C), and should typically stay around 65 degrees F (18 C). A low watt heat emitter, scheduled for the times the temperature drops too low. Excess heat leads to the drying out of the enclosure and can be deadly to amphibians!

LIGHTING: UVB light is recommended but not a necessity. This helps improve your frogs’ overall health and improves plant health and growth. A linear 2.0 UVB is best. Never use higher than 2.0, it is too strong and can harm your frog!

FEEDING: Live crickets or dubia roaches should be their main diet. An adult Fire Bellied Toad should have  3-4 crickets/dubias every two days. Dusting your feeds with calcium improves your frogs’ health and growth. Mealworms, Wax worms, Red Wigglers, moths, and Phoenix worms can be given as snacks occasionally. A diverse diet improves your frogs’ health.

What size crickets or Dubias do I get for my Fire Bellied Toad? A general rule for feeding Reptiles and Amphibians is, the food in question’s girth should fit in between the animal’s eyes. Fire Bellied Toads do well with 1/4-1/2 crickets and dubia roaches.

HOW TO SEX: Males have thick forearms and produce larger bumps on their back from April-August during mating season. Males also are very vocal year-round. Their mating call sounds like a dog barking off in the distance. Other noises include a water drop sound.

Females have smoother skin and slimmer forearms. Females do produce sound when agitated. However females never take part in grasping “hugging”, the position they mate in. However, males will grasp both other males and females but females never “hug”.

SIZE: The typical length for an adult Fire Bellied Toad is 1in – 2 inches (2.5cm – 5cm) 


Fire Bellied Toads are my number one recommendation for new exotic pet owners! They were after all my first exotic pet! This species is easy to care for, highly social, and will live a long time with proper care.

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